In accordance with art. 13 of Regulation EU 2016/679 (hereinafter the “Regulation”), OEMME S.p.A.,
the Data Controller, informs you that your data will be processed for the purposes and using the methods
explained below.
Nature of Personal Data
Processing will involve personal data and will be limited to the data strictly pertinent and functional to the
collection purposes.
Purpose of Data Processing
Data will be processed to allow the Data Controller to manage the data subject’s requests for advice
and/or free quotes.
Lawfulness of Processing
The legal basis of the processing is the consent provided freely by the data subject.
Data Provision and the Consequences of Refusing Consent
Data provision is optional but necessary to manage any requests submitted by the data subject. Refusal to
provide all or part of the data, or the provision of incorrect or false data, will lead to the Data Controller’s
inability to meet the requests for advice and/or quotes.
Data Processing Methods
Data processing may pertain to all operations mentioned in article 4, paragraph 1, letter a) of the Data
Protection Code and article 4 n. 2) of the Regulation. In any case, processing will be based on the
principles of fairness, lawfulness, purpose, quality, pertinence, data minimization and transparency.
Personal data will be processed in automated format only for the period of time strictly necessary to fulfil
the purposes for which they were collected and will be stored in electronic databases.
Data will be processed directly by the Data Controller’s organization and no data will be communicated to
third parties.
In any case, data will be processed applying logics strictly connected with the purposes mentioned and
using methods that guarantee their security and privacy, adopting adequate measures to prevent the
alteration, deletion, destruction, unauthorised access and unlawful or illegitimate treatment of the data.
Data Subject Rights
You may, at any time, exercise the right to:
a) access your personal data;
b) rectify or cancel your data or limit the purposes for which the data can be processed;
c) object to the processing;
d) data portability;
e) revoke your consent – this will not affect the data processing carried out prior to the consent being
f) complain to the supervisory authority (Data Protection Authority).
All the above-mentioned rights can be exercised by sending a request via email to the following address:
Duration of Processing and Retention
Personal data voluntarily provided by the data subject will be processed by the Data Controller and
retained for a period of ten years from the request of advice and/or quote, unless a longer period is
required by the law or to exercise the Data Controller’s right of defence in court.
Data Controller
The Data Controller is OEMME S.p.A., with registered office in Via F. L. Ferrari, 23, 44122 Ferrara, Italy,